Established and registered under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 4, 1982 by nine (9) member organizations, the IDCP was the first and pioneer Da’wah organization in the Philippines . Most of the founders were members of the Converts to Islam Society of the Philippines (CONVISLAM)- the first registered Muslim religious organization in the Philippines (1953)- heralding the truth of Islam, headed by a former Christian religious leader, Lauro de Leon (Imam Moh’d Al-Lauhe de Leon). IDCP suddenly grew to a 72-member organization in the span of ten years. As of now the IDCP has 98 member organizations nationwide.

Our Mission

To work together for the upliftment of the economic, educational and social status of the Filipino Muslims and the poor and needy segments of the Philippine society thru welfare programmes in cooperation with the welfare and development agencies in order to attain total human development.

Our Vision

To create better understanding thru mutual respect, help and cooperation among our peoples taking into consideration the values and guidance laid down by the almighty God.